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Wedding: Swedish Traditions

I not only had the pleasure to create beautiful invitations for a dear friend but I had the pleasure to travel 5000 miles to help set up and attend one of the most beautiful weddings. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it, enjoy.

The Details:

Helen is an engineer and has worked a lot with concrete… these personalized concrete hearts were a perfect touch to the table settings which were layered with details all in white and cream.

The only pop of color was a simple bouquet of flowers and the grey personalized hearts, a modern yet elegant touch. Each bouquet was placed in a jar with a touch of traditional ribbon, this ribbon was used throughout the Swedish history in celebration of weddings ❤ Love!

The wedding took place in a small town just about an hour from Falun, Sweden. The town was the perfect intimate setting with breathtaking views of the Swedish countryside. The wedding party and guests had the whole place to themselves. It took two days to get the venue ready for the big day. The party was held in a historic building with a simple white interior and beautiful wood details. Needless to say Helen had a plan to make this place sing. With a little help from friends, family and Ikea… the fabric, pom-poms and twinkle lights were hung.

Ikea napkins and pipe-cleaner to make pom-poms… genius!

Love the progression of these next few photos, with a little imagination a once raw space can transform into an elegant space for a wedding.

The Wedding:

It is a Swedish custom that for a special celebration such as a wedding the family wears their traditional clothing. Each dress is made specific to reflect the town/village and heritage they originate from. This is by far my favorite tradition ❤ Love!

With so many traditional Swedish touches, words can’t describe how magnificent this modern day wedding was. I think these photos say it all…  beautiful traditions, a beautiful country and a beautiful family! Hugs and Kisses to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bergstrom, this was truly a special day.  Grattis!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding: Swedish Traditions

  1. Jenny on said:

    Wow! A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shelley on said:

    Love the pictures Laura, what a beautiful couple, love the traditional Swedish touches. Nils is adorable!!

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